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May 13, 2020

Kristin and Sean

Being a bi-coastal wedding planner can make my life (a little) chaotic and perfect all at the same time. While I am constantly flying from coast to coast, so are some of my couples! Funnily enough, my San Diego brides are getting married in Martha’s Vineyard and my Boston Couples are migrating to San Diego. I guess I am not the only one who had a hard time choosing between the west coast and the east coast!

This particular couple, Kristin and Sean, stole my heart since they have family members on each coast, similar to my own family. For Sean’s proposal, he told Kristin that he randomly had won a free night in a hotel in downtown Boston so they could spend the night in the city after a romantic dinner in the North End. Little did she know, the casual date night would turn into a night they would never forget. 

After a big night of celebrating, they started to talk about their wedding details. They decided to have their wedding at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe – which is one of our favorite venues in SoCal. 

One amazing detail they incorporated into their wedding was “love notes”. They spent the time to write each one of the guests a note letting them know how much they loved them and appreciated them traveling to San Diego for their special day. This small gesture can go along way and makes each guest feel extra appreciated! 


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