Brides are constantly worried about having a perfect wedding. However, it is the imperfect and unplanned moments that make your wedding a timeless memory.

These dishes are designed in a wabi-sabi form to hold your rings. They were created to remind you that the spontaneous moments throughout the planning and wedding will be the ones you cherish.

Beauty that is authentic and accepts imperfection.

Wabi-sabi (侘寂):

I learned about Wabi-Sabi in January 2020. My best friend was visiting from Ireland and was taking a class on this form of art. Instantly hooked on the concept, I decided to share what I had learned with my husband. After describing the meaning and showing him examples of this type of art he then said “Sandy, you are my Wabi-Sabi”. A few months later we decided to elope and the last sentence of his vows were, “You are my Wabi-Sabi”. Loving the meaning and form of art we decided to start making these ring dishes together during quarantine and using them during my editorial photoshoots. Soon my friends were asking for them for their own weddings and we decided to open up a little shop called, Timeless Impressions.

The Story:

Timeless events are the most enduring memories one can create

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Ring Dishes: $25

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