However, in 2020, when the pandemic hit, we needed to change our business model. We decided to leave the West Coast and move to Martha’s Vineyard full time. At first, I was devastated, thinking that everything we created was about to change drastically, but I can confidently say everything happened for a reason. 
I couldn’t be happier living on this island and having my family so close. My sister, Samantha, has even joined our team as our social media manager and day of assistant. You will also see my parents helping out from time to time as they always love seeing that we have created. Creating and designing the most stunning weddings on Martha’s Vineyard is a complete dream come true.

I opened my first location in 2015 in San Diego, California. I remember my first day at work, I made a collage of all my dreams and goals for Timeless, which I hung up above my desk. Each morning I would sip my coffee and “get after it”. My first year was a hit, and that’s when I knew I had found my dream career. 
Little did I know that only a few years later, I would open a location in San Francisco and eventually Martha’s Vineyard. It was crazy to think that my little business started as just a collage hanging above my desk. I was known as the bi-coastal wedding planner living my best life. 

I fell in love with the process of wedding planning when working at Reverie Gallery in Greenwich, Connecticut, and I never looked back!
My appetite for detailed beautiful events was honed in Martha’s Vineyard working at The Harbor View as their event coordinator. There, I learned the calm and poise, skill in planning, attention to detail, and hard work it takes to create a flawless, memorable event. I also worked at Bright Party Rentals, San Diego Style Weddings Magazine, and a few other companies in between. Before starting my business, I wanted to get a little taste of what each vendor's job entailed. It was important to me to learn all the basic fundamentals about building an event, not just learning how to make a place setting look pretty. I wanted to learn how to set up a tent and be out in the field taking notes on how to create my future client's dream weddings. This may sound a little extra, but having all this knowledge helped my company grow so quickly. 

Owner of Timeless Event Planning

I’m Sandy BrookS

HI friend!

Samantha Brooks

Hi, I’m Samantha Brooks! I’m the behind the scenes girl at Timeless Event Planning. On wedding days you can find me setting up tables, fluffing a brides dress or getting those amazing shots for the Timeless Instagram story. I fell in love with events and social media while I was at Boston University. When I was a sophomore, I became the Vice President of Public Relations for my sorority, Kappa Delta. After having such an amazing time planning and promoting our events and our sisterhood I knew this was the career for me! From there, I had some incredible opportunities to work at companies like DDB while I was studying abroad in Sydney Australia, at the Boston University Public Relations Office, and now at Brand Content, an ad agency in Boston, and Timeless Event Planning!
Now when you are watching the Timeless Instagram story, you know the girl behind it!




You just became engaged and you can’t wait to marry your best friend. From the moment you laid eyes on each other, you have been inseparable. You are both adventurous and nothing is more important than date night. A few words that you would use to describe one another is passionate, loving and caring.

When you think of your wedding, your mind overflows with possible ideas. However, the one thing that gives goose bumps is walking down the aisle and locking eyes with your significant other. Another idea that gets your heart racing is thinking about glancing into the crowd and seeing all of your friends and family in one room here to celebrate your love.

When it comes to design you can’t stop picturing hundreds of flowers and candles twinkling in the moonlight. Pastel colors excite you and you're not afraid of incorporating bright tones in more than one way. Amidst this daydream, you feel like you can actually smell peonies and Chanel in the background.

If you can relate to any of this, let’s setup a consultation!  I can't wait to hear about your life's adventures, your love story, and all of the details about your special day! 


On Martha’s Vineyard, you will most likely catch us riding our tandem bike around the island. Our bike route includes a stop at Nomans, state beach and ending in on a stroll around Edgartown. We also love sailing around the lagoon and taking our miniature dachshund, Ellie, on walks about Oak Bluffs harbor. 

In California, you can find us on the beach, biking around the Bay, or even grabbing a cocktail at one of our favorite date night spots.

If you are looking for an amazing date night spot on your vacation here we can’t recommend the Harbor View Hotel enough. An aperol spritz and their endive salad at the bar will complete your holiday.


 we are not planning beautiful events?



When I first met my fiance in 2014 he was the pool boy at the Harbor View Hotel and I was the wedding planner. He proposed to me at the very same spot we had our first words - in front of the copy machine haha.

We got married there in 2020!




Robert surprised me with Ellie in 2017 when we were living in San Diego! She comes with us everywhere so don’t be surprised if you see her all over my instagram.

She is a mini long haired english cream dachshund. Let me know if you have the same breed and I will give you a mini discount! 



The Vineyard Life

I started my first company when I was fourteen on the Vineyard with my mom. We would make jewelry together every night then sell it on Aquinnah beach together. 10% of all the money I earned from jewelry sales went to a local charity. It was quite a hit- we were even in the newspaper! Guess you could say I was always a little savvy business woman!

Extra fun fact: Everyone in my family is an entrepreneur! My dad started his own law firm and my mom owns a photography company. My sister.. Well let’s just say she will be next to start something amazing!



We've had the honor to have our work featured in many online and printed publications. 



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